Dr. Rick Manhas

Dr. Rick ManhasDr. Rick Manhas graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology in 2008. Following his time at SFU, Dr. Manhas, attended Ross University School of Medicine and obtained his medical doctorate in 2013. He then completed three years of Residency training in Family Medicine with a focus in Sports Medicine at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. During his residency, Dr. Manhas focused his training on sports medicine and emergency care. A large part of this training tended to be focused around managing acute and chronic injuries.

Dr. Manhas started private practice with Eagle Ridge Medical Clinic in March 2017. He obtained his Botox certification from the Vancouver Skin and Laser Clinic under direct supervision of Dr. Martin Braun.

Dr. Manhas devotes a considerable amount of his time in Aesthetics, offering Botox injections, dermaneedling with PRP and body contouring. Dr. Manhas has studied medical aesthetics extensively, and approaches his patients with a thorough understanding of the person as a whole.

He appreciates the medical, psychological and aesthetic considerations that go into making someone feel better and even more beautiful.


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