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Family Wellness Exams in Coquitlam, BC

Annual family wellness visits to your physician are a must. Keeping up with your children’s health is a great way to stay on top of any medical issues that may arise, as well as checking your child’s development and growth. Not to mention, giving the parents peace of mind knowing that their child is healthy. At Eagle Ridge Medical Clinic, we perform thorough family wellness examinations on children, from their toddler years into adolescence.

What is wellness exam?

A wellness exam is an annual examination, usually performed around your child’s birthday. These examinations are standard to track your child’s growth, development and to catch any medical issues that may arise within the year. At this time, your physician can have an in depth conversation with and your child about any lifestyle habits or changes, as well as note as areas of concern or irregularities. Wellness exams vary from patient to patient, based on previous medical history and current concerns. Generally, height and weight are taken, as well as blood samples and immunizations may be given, if needed.*

What is a toddler wellness exam?

A toddler wellness exam begins when your child turns 2. Occurring annually, this exam will track your toddler’s development and growth. Your doctor will check your child’s BMI, height, weight, and blood pressure. They will perform an external body exam, checking the entire body, including genitalia. Furthermore, your physician will listen to your toddler’s heart and lungs, checking for any abnormalities. During this exam your doctor may also go over developmental milestones that your toddler should be reaching as they grow into childhood.

What are adolescent wellness exams?

Teen wellness exams take place when your child begins to enter puberty. The wellness exam for adolescents is similar to toddlers. Your physician notes height and weight, listens to the heart and lungs, and takes blood and urine samples. Similarly, your doctor will update any needed immunizations and do an all over body exam. Having said that, at this stage in your teen’s life, your doctor will likely discuss healthy habits and lifestyle choices: safe sex, drinking, smoking, etc. If your teen is sexually active, additional testing may be ordered to check your STIs or pregnancies. Female patients may be asked about their menstrual cycle, if they have or have not started, and if they are having any issues or irregular periods.

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