Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care in Coquitlam, BC

As we age, our bodies require different examinations and treatments. Elderly patients require special wellness examinations known as geriatric care. Most importantly, geriatric care is incredibly delicate, requiring patience, compassion, and a meticulous examination. At Eagle Ridge Medical Clinic, we provide thorough and age-sensitive are to our geriatric patients.

Who is a geriatric patient?

Geriatric patients are older people with overall physical, age-related impairments. Patients are labeled geriatric based on “health” rather than age. Even though, there is no set age for when a patient becomes geriatric and needs geriatric care, it most commonly begins in the late-60s to mid-70s.

What does a geriatric exam entail?

Geriatric exams vary based on the patient. Sometimes two separate examinations may be required because the patient becomes fatigued. Generally, in a geriatric wellness exam, a physical examination will be given. The patient will be asked about any changes to their lifestyle, body, any new symptoms or ailments. At this stage in life, many tests are required for preventative screening. Some of these include:

  • arthritis screenings
  • cancer screenings
  • dementia screenings

Additionally, if the elderly patient has a caregiver (which many do), the physician will check for any signs of neglect or elder abuse.

What are the signs of elder abuse?

The signs of elder abuse can include:

  • frequent bruising in hard to reach areas
  • finger marks (bruises) on the skin
  • fear of caregiver
  • bruises to the genitalia

How long should a geriatric exam last?

Geriatric exam lengths different depending upon the patient’s needs. Geriatric exams generally take longer than physical exams for younger patients. Physicians need to take their time with the patient, giving them time to recall their day to day and any concerns or symptoms that should be addressed. The physical will have to rely on the patient’s recollection of their day to day, as well as any other clues that the physician may be able to spot: significant weight fluctuation, signs of depression, overall physical and mental health. It is important to find a physician that is patient and has experience with geriatric care.

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