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Men’s health exams in Coquitlam, BC

Men’s health examinations vary slightly between different age ranges. These exams generally consist of a physical exam, blood tests, BMI, and family and medical history. More extensive testing that is age-specific for the male gender will be done as well. At Eagle Ridge Medical Clinic, we perform a thorough examination on our male patients, taking a detailed medical history, listening to all concerns, and performing all age-appropriate tests to ensure an optimum preventative exam.

What is men’s health exam?

A men’s health exam is an annual wellness exam that is gender specific to men. Recommended yearly, a men’s health examination will vary from patient to patient based on medical history and age.* Medical exams increase in tests and specificity by decades, although these time lines may vary.* Generally, all examinations will consist of a physical examination and testicular exam. Blood tests may also be ordered, depending upon family history, medical concerns, and when certain tests were last performed.*

What is a testicular exam?

A testicular exam is when the physician inspects the feel and appearance of the testicles, looking for any lumps or changes in appearance. It is recommended that patients perform monthly self-examinations as a preventative step before an annual exam.

What exams are performed that are age-specific?

As you age, more exams will be performed. In your 20s-30s, most exams will be testicular, cholesterol, STD screenings, and possibly screenings for heart disease based on family medical history. Screenings for prostate cancer, vision tests, and diabetes screenings, are added on in your 40s. In your 50s, screening begin for colon cancer, electrocardiograms are administered, and depression screenings take place. Additional cancer screenings and lipid panels are ordered in your 60s. In your 70s and onward, screenings for specific types of heart disease and dementia are added on. Remember, it is important to note, that these are only an overview of the different screening and tests that may take place. They vary greatly from patient to patient.*

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