PRP For Hair Loss

PRP for hair loss in Coquitlam, BC

Hair loss can be caused by many underlying medical issues. Affecting both men and women, hair loss does not only affect the patient physically but psychologically as well. Hair loss, unexplained or known, can cause self-confidence issues and added stress. At Eagle Ridge Medical Clinic, we use PRP to treat hair loss and thinning.

Why does hair loss occur?

Hair loss occurs for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes the reasons are even unknown. Some of the most common reasons/conditions behind hair loss include:

  • general aging
  • stress
  • illness
  • medications
  • family history
  • hormonal changes
  • medical conditions

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, is a form of plasma, taken from the patient’s bloodstream, used to stimulate repair and growth with the scalp. Our blood is made up of blood cells and platelets. Therefore, by obtaining a blood sample from the patient, your provider can separate the plasma from the rest of the blood and inject the PRP into the target areas.

How does the PRP for hair loss procedure work?

Hair loss treatments using PRP are fairly simple. The provider takes a blood sample and places it into a centrifugation machine. The machine separate the particles within the blood sample, allowing the provider to remove only the plasma. Once the plasma is prepared, the provider injects the PRP into the target areas. The platelet-rich plasma stimulates the hair follicles, thickening the thinning areas, and enhancing the scalp overall.*

What can PRP for hair loss treat?

PRP for hair loss can treat the following concerns:

  • reduced hairline*
  • bald patches*
  • thinning hair line*

How long does PRP therapy for hair loss take?

PRP for hair loss treatments vary from patient to patient. The provider and patient will figure out an appropriate treatment timeline based on the areas being treated and how effective initial treatments are.

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